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Official Agamer's Minecraft Guide Empty Official Agamer's Minecraft Guide

on Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:37 pm

Official Guide to Understanding AGamer's Minecraft Server

Ore Generation
As a bonus feature, all cobblestone generators will now
generate ores at lower rates for higher rarity of ores.
You never have to dig mindless caves again.
Official Agamer's Minecraft Guide 72446d3497

Furnace Enchantments
By putting a furnace in an enchantment table, you will find
various enchantments to boost production. I will not go
in-depth on what each enchantment does, so you enchants
will come as a mysterious surprise.
Official Agamer's Minecraft Guide 895dc78a5f

Hammers can be crafted, and will mine all ores in a 3X3 area.
Official Agamer's Minecraft Guide 98d3c19356
Diamond Pickaxe-1

This feature also allows excavators to be crafted to dig all
dirt in a 3X3 area.
Official Agamer's Minecraft Guide 8ec32f9bd4
Diamond Shovel-1

Mining Machine
When you get fed up of mining, you can create a mining
machine to dig in a straight line. Place the machine, then
add fuel in the bottom right corner of the interface before
flipping on the switch.
Official Agamer's Minecraft Guide 15bb421616
Iron Pickaxe-2

These end-game items are resource intensive, but grant flight
to all who wear them. They will not break, but require fuel
in order to be used. Make sure to have plenty of coal in your inventory
unless you want to experience a most unfortunate death
plummeting to the ground. While flying, left click with fuel in your
hand to consume one piece in exchange for a flight speed boost.
Official Agamer's Minecraft Guide B0604c4351
Diamond Block-4
Diamond Chestplate-1
Flame Charge-1
Redstone Block-2

Any spare armor you have lying around now has a purpose. Armor
can be recycled in a furnace to return valuable resources used
to craft it. Keep in mind that damaged armor only returns a fraction
of the resources used.
Official Agamer's Minecraft Guide 1a73dae8f8

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