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List of AGamers Server Rules Empty List of AGamers Server Rules

on Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:20 pm
These are the rules for the AGG Minecraft Survival Server.

Key: * = Explanation under list.

There will be no

  • Griefing.
  • Raiding.
  • Profanity directed at an individual.
  • Scamming of any kind.
  • Server advertisement.
  • *Illegal modifications.
  • Racism/sexism.
  • *Lying to administrators.
  • Ban evasion.
  • *Aiding and abetting
  • Failure to report a rule-breaker.

Illegal modifications: Any mods which give oneself an advantage over someone else are considered illegal.
Lying to administrators: This rule refers to when an administrator asks you a question pertaining to their duty as a staff member. If an admin asks "did you grief this?" and you lie, it is considered lying to an administrator. (This question pertains to the admins job.) If an admin asks "Hey uh dude where's your farm not gonna take anything though." and you lie, it is not considered lying to an administrator. (This question doesn't pertain to the admins job.)
Aiding and abetting: If you intentionally and knowingly aid an individual to commit acts which break AGG's rules, you will be treated as the offender.

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