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    Refund Format



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    Refund Format

    Post by Ramazan on Sat Jul 12, 2014 2:30 pm

    Follow this format when requesting a refund:

    Please do not report players in this section.

    If you lost items due to a rulebreaker and you want to be refunded for it, start by making a player complaint. Once the player complaint has been handled and they are determined guilty, then you can make a refund request thread with a link to the player complaint, if you have not already been refunded during the complaint process.

    Replace *** with your answer.
    [B]In-game name:[/B] ***
    [B]What did you lose:[/B] ***
    [B]How did you lose it:[/B] ***
    [B]If it's a bug, why do you think so:[/B] ***
    [B]Proof:[/B] ***

    If your topic does not follow these rules, it will be LOCKED.

    Please do not post in the refunds section if:

    • You are not the player requesting a refund.
    • You have no proof to add.
    • You were not involved with the incident in any way.

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